Regular computers

On regular machines the process is similar to formatting any computer. It's done through flashing a usb drive and getting it to boot through keyboard commands.

Recomended devices:

Needed hardware

  • Any spare computer with a storage that you can format, like old desktop or laptop machines with a hard-drive or ssd with at least 30Gb of storage

  • Any USB drive with at least 2Gbs of storage

  • Internet connection through ethernet cable

  • Keyboard

  • Monitor and cables

Needed software

Preparing USB flash drive

Download and use the Generic x86_64 (GPT) image for regular amd machines at:

Use the image burner to burn the image to the usb flash drive.

Installing the Offline Toolkit

  • Insert the flashed USB into the computer

  • Insert the ethernet cable with Internet coming from your router into the computer

  • Discover how to trigger boot menu or how to enter BIOs and ajusting booting order

  • Select boot to happen throgh UEFI or USB, and the device should start setup

  • Setup can take several minutes depending on the computer's capabilities

  • Check the Balena Dashboard for the device to come online, or check if a new WiFi hotspos has appeared

  • In case a long time has passed without anything happening, unplug and re-plug power supply

In case you have problems with your setup, check the Troubleshooting section. If everything worked, check Syncing content to get content into your new Offline Toolkit.

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