Even on offline environments, devices (mobile or desktop) in good range of the WiFi created by the Offline Toolkit computer will have access to:

  • All content on the EDT platform: guides on community protocols and curated tools, as well as stories from communities from around the world on their experience using the tools

  • Installers for curated tools

  • A Terrastories instance

  • A Mapeo instance to sync with

  • An interactive map showing Mapeo observations that have been synced with device

  • File browsing application for storing and sharing files, similar to Google Drive

  • Syncing of content, from EDT Cloud to local computer, or from local computer to any other device, including mobile devices, locally or through the Internet

  • Automatic syncing of default content (scrapped websites, application installers, Mapeo configs, map tiles)

  • Automatic creation of files that can be imported into Terrastories, from synced Mapeo observations

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