Use cases

The Earth Defenders Offline Toolkit is intended to be used by a group that has a common physical meeting space, which is the coverage area of the device's wifi. That coverage area can be small or large depending on the devices wifi radio, but can expand to cover large areas, such as villages, by connecting them to routers and expanded through mesh networks.

Offline Toolkit is meant to help groups onboard new users to the tools curated on the Earth Defenders Toolkit platform, as well as provide common helpful assets and helper applications for these tools. It can also assist organizing data in a local offline environment, and provide ways to sync and share data locally or through the Internet. It's also a great tool for partner organizations to organize and synchronize data with the ground communities.

Some Offline Toolkit devices (such as single-board-computers) are small, but aren't so fragile, and with appropriate casing, they can easily travel within a backpack together with clothes.

The toolkit can be used mobile, during meetings or fieldwork with the right power supply and weather protection.

It's also great for indoor spaces such as a house, a remote base or an office, as long as it’s protected from the weather and other possible hazards, such as children playing.

The current included tool workflows are participatory mapping with Mapeo, and land-based story telling with Terrastories. These workflows are meant for:

  • on-boarding new users to the tools through config files, map tiles etc.

  • providing mobile and desktop installers for the tools

  • providing bridging services between the tools

  • providing documentation and use cases for the tools

  • providing running instances of the tools, such as Mapeo and Terrastories

  • providing local storage for organization data (documents, photos, videos, folders, etc.)

  • providing p2p syncing of the stored data, locally or remotely

  • providing a way for all content to be updated whenever device is connected to the Internet

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