Customizing experience

⚠️ Attention! The administration interface can only work while the device is connected to the internet for now.

The adminstration interface there's a configurations page that can be used to customize the Offline Toolkit. That page is usually found at: http://edt.local:8079/#/configuration

On the initial page there's several information on the devices's usage: processing, memory, storage as well as other importante information such as cpu temperature. Select the menu to explore other functionality.

In order to customize the device, enter the Configuration page:

On that page you can change the Environment Varibles for customization.

For example, the base maps for Terrastories,and the Observations Map can be changed by changing the OFFLINE_MAP_STYLE variable:

The device's default edt.local adress can be changed by changing the hostname:

The device's will now be acessible via http://mygroup.local

When changing hostname other variables need to changed to reflect the new addresss: SET_HOSTNAME, HOST_HOSTNAME, OFFLINE_MAP_STYLE

By setting values to specific variables we can change some behaviors, such as:

  • Change WiFi SSID (hotspot name): PWC_HOTSPOT_SSID

  • Change WiFi password: PWC_HOTSPOT_PASSWORD

  • Change device's address: SET_HOSTNAME

  • Change default username for Filebrowser and Syncthing: ADMIN_LOGIN

  • Change default password for Filebrowser and Syncthing: ADMIN_PASSWORD

  • Change project key for Mapeo: MAPEO_PROJECT_KEY

  • Change Mapeo category that Terrastories place's will be collected from: MAPEO_TERRASTORIES_TYPE

  • Should be set according to SET_HOSTNAME in order for Terrastories to work properly: HOST_HOSTNAME

  • The offline map that Terrastories will use: OFFLINE_MAP_STYLE

Syncing content

Sync source

The source Syncthing instance that the device will sync from



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