First steps

How do I get started with my device?

Make sure you have a device that was previously setup with the Earth Defenders Offline Toolkit.

If your device has an external WiFi card, connect the card to the device before turning it on. If there are external antennas, make sure to connect them.

Connect the device to the power supply and make sure the device is turned on by checking that the lights are on. If there's an external WiFi card, it should also turn on.

After a couple of minutes, verify that the WiFi hotspot appears on the user's devices. Connect to the hotspot and open the captive portal (for desktops, the captive-portal may not show).

Finally, with the portal open, copy the provided URL, open your preferred browser, paste the URL and load the page. You're ready to start exploring.

If some content isn't showing up, it might be that you're device hasn't synchronized content yet. To synchronize content with the Earth Defenders Toolkit Cloud, you must first connect your device to the Internet and then contact us for authorization.

For detailed instructions check the manual:

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